We are committed to providing protective fabrics to meet hazards and save lives.  Our Kermel CoreFX fabrics provide outstanding and superior technology to provide more protection from heat and flame with a lighter-weight fabric solution.

Using a unique inherent flame resistant core-spun yarn of Kermel fiber with a para-aramid core to maintain maximum short-term protection against temperatures up to 1000oC / 1800oF.  CoreFX is a lightweight fabric solution, available in a choice of colors with increased comfort, excellent strength, and mechanical resistance with reduced UV degradation compared to other high para-aramid-rich fabrics.  CoreFX’s ability to withstand double flashover without breaking open provides an economical solution to all fire fighting services.

Available with options of (DWR) durable water repellent finishes including:

Panoguard  C6 multi-wash / high repellency finish

Ecoguard     PFOA/PFOS free multi-wash/high repellency finish

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Our range of personal protective fabrics includes fabrics for

  • Kermel CoverallFlight coveralls inner/outer layers using Kermel meta-aramid and other fibers to create a lightweight and moisture-wickingoptions for maximum comfort.
  • Police riot suits outer layer with high strength and abrasion properties and excellent heat, flame, and petro-chemical repellency