Woven FabricsAt Tex Tech Industries, we manufacture a wide range of high-performance, expertly designed textile materials for use in various applications, from personal and product protection to industrial.

Working closely with customers to design reliable, long-lasting solutions, woven, non-woven and coated alike, Tex Tech has developed an expansive catalog of unique high-performance materials. We integrate several types of fiber into our high-performance materials, including aramids such as Nomex, a variety of oxidized polyacrylonitriles (Pre-Ox Pan), and para-aramids (p-aramids) such as Kevlar, and Pyron or Panox.

By blending these and other specialty fibers, Tex Tech can create materials that are uniquely suited to all kinds of applications and specifications. Some of our most highly specialized high-performance materials include those for chlor-alkali, fuel cell, and water absorption applications. Some of our specific applications include:

Chlor-Alkali Processing Materials

The chlor-alkali process uses electrolysis to produce critical chemicals for industrial processes — primarily chlorine, sodium hydroxide (caustic soda), and hydrogen. To create these chemicals, an aqueous solution of water and sodium chloride is electrolyzed; variations of the process may make use of calcium chloride or potassium chloride to generate calcium or potassium products, respectively.

The chemicals involved in the chlor-alkali process, both raw materials and final products, are all highly reactive: Chlorine is an oxidizer that can react with flammable materials, while sodium hydroxide is highly corrosive and can cause chemical burns and blindness on human contact. To maintain safety and keep each chemical effectively separated after production, highly specialized materials are required.

Tex Tech manufactures a number of innovative chlor-alkali materials using woven blends of stretch-broken carbon fiber. Carbon fibers have a very high-chemical resistance, and stretch breaking drastically improves their formability and flexibility. Our fabrics are used in the non-porous membrane within the chlor-alkali production process to maximize the efficiency of the process to separate out the sodium and water which in turn creates through electrolysis chlorine gas, hydrogen gas and caustic soda. Caustic soda would subsequently be used in the food, textile, soap and cleaning agent, and water treatment industries, among others. Chlorine is used in the production of polymers and resins including PVC & PU.

Fuel Cell Materials

Fuel cells, not to be confused with batteries, are devices that convert chemical energy from an external fuel source into electrical energy. An anode catalyst, often fine platinum powder, oxidizes the fuel, generating a positive ion and negative electron; an electrolyte allows ions to pass from the anode but blocks electrons, which travel from the anode to a wire as electricity; a cathode catalyst, often nickel, accepts the ions passed through the cathode and converts it to waste chemicals. Hydrogen is the most commonly used type of fuel in this process, while water is the most common type of waste.

Within fuel cells are gas diffusion layers. These layers exist in an atmosphere prone to oxidization, so it’s critical that they are able to resist such a reaction. Tex Tech manufactures both woven and non-woven fabrics with Pre-Ox Pan, which is already oxidized, and when these fabrics will be used as fuel cell material, they are further treated through a carbonization process.

Swellable Water Blocking Yarns

Modern-day industry often necessitates the use of cables and sensitive electronics in challenging environments. To combat the risk of mechanical or rodent breaks in cables, which could result in ingress of water channeling into cables, various layers and sub-layers within the cables can be protected with water blocking yarns.

Tex Tech manufactures OASIS Super Absorbent, yarns in a range of long-staple ring-spun and long-staple wrap spun styles. These proprietary blends of fibers are designed to absorb moisture immediately, swelling as they do to prevent more moisture from entering a cable or other electronic product.

Aside from their industry-leading absorption and swelling properties, OASIS products also offer more consistent performance than similar products. Featuring enhanced strength properties, OASIS SAF yarn solutions are also cleaner, generating less dust, and are available in a range of diameters and sizes.

Work With Tex Tech

Tex Tech Industries has been a leader in the technical textile industry for more than 100 years. During that time, we have devoted ourselves to continual research & development of new textile and fiber solutions; today, we manufacture more than 7,000 products, including a wide range of high-performance materials. With manufacturing facilities located in the US, Europe and Asia, we are well-positioned to support your needs.

High-performance materials from Tex Tech are used in a huge variety of applications, including:

Mass-transit Bus and Train Seating
Mattresses and Bedding
Automotive Aftermarket
Offshore Drilling

Ship Building
Thermal Insulation

To learn more about high-performance materials from Tex Tech Industries — including our chlor-alkali material, fuel cell material, and water absorption material options — contact us today.

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