Tex Tech is a premier designer and manufacturer of specialty textiles and fabrics for a wide range of industries and niche applications. We are dedicated to providing superior-quality materials for OEMs and end-users in the defense, aerospace, automotive, medical, personal protection, filtration, high-performance, sports, and industrial sectors. Our dedicated team leverages cutting-edge technology and decades of experience to develop state-of-the-art material science-driven solutions to meet modern challenges.

Company Story

From the beginning, Tex Tech has distinguished itself as an industry leader at the forefront of textile research, development, and manufacturing. As a provider of innovative high-performance needle and woven felt products, we have established a reputation with our customers as the go-to company for particularly demanding applications. We work closely with our customers to develop cutting-edge textile solutions to meet and exceed the most stringent customer specifications and industry standards.

Our journey began in 1904 when we began creating needle-punched nonwoven textiles for a variety of industries. Tex Tech has continued to expand its technical capabilities through strategic acquisitions of companies and technologies that are focused on demanding applications. In 2014, we acquired Universal Carbon Fibers (UCF) and Chapman Innovations. The UCF acquisition added the ability to stretch-break, spin OPAN yarns and weave those yarns into fabrics for use in the automotive wet friction and hydrogen fuel cell battery markets.  The Chapman acquisition added the CarbonX product line and fabrics designed to protect from heat and fire.  By 2017, Tex Tech had taken Saertex 3D weaving technology under its wing, further extending our capabilities to include 3D woven materials. In 2019 we acquired the coating and lamination division of Highland Industries, which allowed us to create a full line of laminated and coated fabrics for highly-specialized and demanding applications in the aerospace and defense, medical, and automotive markets. In addition, this acquisition added a world-class analytical lab that allows material science-driven solutions for our products, processes, and developments.  Since our beginnings, our company has expanded on a global scale, distributing more than 7,000 products across the world.

Tex Tech’s mission is to provide technically designed textile solutions for virtually any application. By incorporating our broad manufacturing technologies and science-driven approach into our processes, we ensure that our customers receive cutting-edge materials and outstanding customer service every time.

Our Capabilities

Tex Tech’s capabilities may be broken down into three primary product groups: woven fabrics, non-woven fabrics, and coating and lamination. We work with industries ranging from aerospace and defense, automotive, medical, high-performance materials, filtration, and protective apparel. Tex Tech has created solutions for some of the most demanding applications including Thermal Protection Systems (TPS) for space vehicles, fuselage burn-resistant aircraft materials, aircraft seat fire-blocking textiles, and custom fabrics for composite applications. In addition to developing custom fabrics, we also offer tailored coating services for one or both sides of your choice of fabric. Depending on your specifications, we can add multiple layers of coatings to boost the textile’s performance, durability, adhesion, weldability, and resistance to flame, water, or abrasion. You can learn more about our unique capabilities here.

Innovation at Tex Tech

In an ever-changing world, Tex Tech stays ahead of the game by investing significantly in innovation, research, and development. Our dedicated material scientists work directly with clients to identify areas of improvement and design, prototype, and test solutions for full-scale production. We take a scientific approach to solving our customers’ challenges, and our advanced development lab allows for a more targeted approach, which not only saves time but also ensures a superior solution.
Visit our Innovations Page to learn more about the groundbreaking research and development that keeps us at the forefront of the textile industry.

Tex Tech Brands

Tex Tech is pleased to offer a comprehensive selection of proprietary textile solutions. For more information, check out our Brands Page.
  • CarbonXOur CarbonX line features personal protective equipment (PPE) and fire-resistant fabrics for outstanding fire protection. Our extensive selection of fire-retardant and thermal insulation, thermal-protective fabrics, and non-flammable materials are ideal for aerospace, defense, industrial, law enforcement, and other industries.
  • MatrixFR. Our MatrixFR line of flame-resistant protective fabrics is specifically designed to protect users from flame, heat, and electrical current while maintaining a high degree of flexibility.
  • OASISOur moisture-absorbent product line, OASIS is created to swell upon contact with moisture to prevent further leakage. They are ideal for preventing moisture intrusion into electrical wiring, cables, and equipment.
  • CoreFX. CoreFX inherently flame-resistant fabrics are designed to provide excellent technical performance properties within your garment and maintain comfort to provide the highest level of protection and manage heat stress.
  • Panotex. Our Panotex Industrial fabrics are designed for exceptional durability and reduced heat transfer.
  • HiFlex®This angle-induced fabric features filling yarn at an induced 110-118° angle, with aligned warp yarn that prevents unwanted stretch.  These fabrics are ready for the polymer application step and are ultimately used in the construction of power transmission belts.
  • HiFlex Advantage®. Eliminate bias-cutting, turning, and seam overlap with ready-to-use Hi-Flex® Advantage fabric.  Our proprietary product eliminates process steps for our customers and delivers a ready-to-use “wrap or jacket” fabric for power transmission belts.

Team & Locations

With more than a century of experience in the textile industry, Tex Tech is uniquely suited to provide superior quality products and cutting-edge solutions for all of your technical fabric needs. Our success is predicated on the knowledge and experience of the greatest minds in the industry. View the People on Our Team to learn more.
At Tex Tech, we pride ourselves on being a global company, with international manufacturing facilities and worldwide distribution. Visit our Locations Page for a full list of our locations.
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