At Tex Tech, our priority has always been to work closely with our customers to develop solutions that meet their highly specialized needs. Our commitment to manufacturing advanced materials has seen us grow into a global leader for technical textiles.

Established in 1904, we are now a global company, manufacturing over 7,000 products in Europe and the US. Our Technical and Research & Development center, based in Kernersville, NC, houses an industry leading suite of analytical equipment that allows Tex Tech to use material science driven solutions to solve your most challenging needs.

Tex Tech has made impressive strides over the years. Some of our most recent acquisitions include:

Universal Carbon Fibres


Chapman Innovations



Universal Carbon Fibres

3D weaving technology from Saertex


3D weaving technology from Saertex

Highland Industries’ Coating, Laminating, and Defense Business


Highland Industries’ Coating, Laminating, and Defense Business

Carbon X logo

Signature Brand: CarbonX

The acquisition of CarbonX in 2014 strengthened our position and commitment to manufacturing a better protective market globally. CarbonX is the only choice where safety matters most. The non-flammable apparel and fabrics deliver maximum comfort and ultimate protection for professionals in the world’s most dangerous environments.

With ATPV and TPP ratings exceeding industry standards, CarbonX PPE solutions are optimized to protect against extreme heat, direct flame, certain chemicals, flammable liquids, molten metal, and arc flash. The products are widely used in fire safety, steel/welding, industrial safety, utilities, construction, oil and gas, pulp and paper, and tactical.

Available in wovens, knits, and non-wovens, the CarbonX product line includes:

  • CarbonX Arc
  • CarbonX Aluminized Solutions
  • CarbonX Active
  • CarbonX Wovens
  • CarbonX Ultimate
  • CarbonX Specialty Fabrics
  • CarbonX Repel
  • CarbonX MaxAir

CarbonX MaxAir is the newest addition to our CarbonX Aluminized Solution product line. It is a flame-retardant fabric and delivers Tex Tech’s signature protective properties against molten metal splash with moisture-wicking capabilities and breathable aluminized fabric for maximum comfort.

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Tex Tech Product Brands

Tex Tech Industries is known for offering quality, high-performance brands that offer superior protection. Some of our brand offerings include:

Matrix FR Fabrics

Matrix FR fabrics provide a range of materials for protective garments within molten metal splash, and electric arc, heat and flame hazards with superior comfort.

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OASIS Super Absorbent Yarns

OASIS Yarns are produced using Super Absorbent Fiber (SAF) that come in long-staple wrap spun and long stable ring-spun styles. These yarns absorb moisture immediately, preventing moisture from seeping into electronic products. OASIS SAF solutions have enhanced strength properties, are cleaner, produce less dust and come in a range of sizes and diameters.

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CoreFX Fabrics

CoreFX fabrics using Kermel CoreFX yarns to produce inherent FR technical fabrics for Fire-Turnout outer garments with exceptional thermal, abrasion, tear and tensile properties.

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Panotex Industrial Fabrics

Panotex Industrial fabrics produced from yarns of 100% oxidised polyacrylonitrile or blended with other technical fibres including aramid. They provide a fabric which is naturally fire-resistant and can perform in extreme heat or for further processing such as carbonisation.

HiFlex-Angle Induced Fabric

HiFlex-Angle Induced Fabric is made with filling yarn at an induced 110 to 118° angle. HiFlex Angle Induced Fabric is built for belts in high-performance power transmission applications.

HiFlex Advantage

HiFlex Advantage – Belt Ready Fabric is also built for belts in high-performance power transmission applications. It is designed to get rid of unnecessary overlap seams from the bias-cutting process, which reduces downtime and increases belt life.