What Is Aluminized Fabric?

Aluminized fabric is a material solution for environments with exposure to extreme radiant heat. It is composed of a textile substrate that has been supplemented with an aluminum exterior that delivers enhanced thermal properties. Aluminum features a low emissivity coefficient that makes it a great reflector of thermal energy.

Since it is also a low-density material, when combined with fabric it creates a flexible and lightweight reflective barrier that is not only functional but comfortable as well. As a leading provider of protective fabrics, Tex Tech creates custom aluminized clothing as well as a range of other aluminized fabric products, all tailored to your specifications and industry regulations.

Industry Applications for Aluminized Fabric

Tex Tech serves a wide range of industries with rolled aluminized fabrics and materials. Some of the largest demand for our products comes from the aerospace, foundry, automotive, and firefighting sectors.

Aerospace Industry

Space vehicles face very diverse and harsh environments while conducting their missions. Utilizing a properly designed material can help protect the vehicle from thermal and radiant heat during launch to the erosion from atomic oxygen and UV exposure during flight. Aluminized fabrics are used in the aerospace industry to combat high levels of radiant heat. Because of their excellent insulating properties and radiant heat protective performance, aluminized fabrics deliver superior burn protection, heat protection, and flexibility. Aluminized fabrics and fire-blocking materials from Tex Tech protect space vehicles and personnel from the extreme temperatures experienced during entry and re-entry.