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CarbonX® non-flammable fabrics and apparel will not burn, melt, or ignite even after intense exposure to direct flame or extreme heat and are highly resistant to molten metal, flammable liquids.  CarbonX products are lightweight, soft to the touch, and flexible, wearing much like cotton. They also breathe well, wick away moisture, and dry quickly, enhancing the wearer’s comfort and productivity and reducing the potential for fatigue and heat stress. Available in knits, wovens and non-wovens, the CarbonX product line includes:

  • Introducing CarbonX Arc—Defends against arc flash hazards.
  • CarbonX UltimateTM—The highest level of thermal protection.
  • CarbonX ActiveTM—Designed to balance comfort and safety.
  • CarbonX RepelTM—Sheds molten metal, certain chemicals, and flammable liquids like no other fabric.
  • CarbonX Aluminized Solutions—Flexible and lightweight yet still provide superior protection against molten metal and high heat.
  • CarbonX Wovens—Durable and resistant to abrasion.
  • CarbonX Specialty Fabrics—Extra layers of defense.


CarbonX Saves Lives

Ultimate™ Ultimate™ – The highest level of thermal protection for extreme conditions.

– Ideal for high-activity tasks in hot and potentially dangerous situations.

 Aluminized Solutions – Flexible, lightweight protection with maximum temperature resistance for molten-metal and high-heat environments.

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  Repel™ -Remarkably sheds molten metal, certain chemicals, flammable liquids, and other molten substances while also protecting against extreme heat and direct flame.