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Learn more about how Thermal Protection System (TPS) solutions protect equipment from heat damage.

What Does TPS Mean?

A Thermal Protection System (TPS) is a material applied to the external structure of an aircraft or vehicle to maintain temperature control. These materials are chosen for their weight efficiency and high-temperature stability. The TPS often serves to limit heat conduction inside spacecraft during atmospheric reentry. It is also important in protecting airframes and systems from the cold of deep space.

Goals of Thermal Protection System Coatings

Specialized thermal coatings are applied to the TPS to enhance its benefits and performance. If applied throughout the material, the coating can lend improved interlaminar strength. If applied just to the top surface of the material, it can offer an added ablative layer with certain electrical, optical, and thermal characteristics.

Our Conformable TPS Product Offerings

Tex Tech offers a wide range of TPS products that provide a high level of performance and reliability. We can metalize a variety of substrates—single- or double-sided—for added heat protection, emissivity, and conductivity needs. They can also be treated with fire-retardant qualities to meet strict flame requirements. Our other offerings include:

  • Stabilized Ablative Insulation Felt (SAIF): This is a conformable TPS material featuring coatings and thermally resistant fibers for the outer shells of space vehicles. Its ablative surface coating eliminates painting time, and the material can be customized for particular optical, insulative, and density requirements. Orders are supplied in tiles based on the required dimensions.
  • Felt Reusable Surface Insulation (FRSI): This low-temperature TPS material can provide insulation up to 600 °F. Depending on its thickness, it can offer different levels of performance relative to expected thermal loads.
  • Strain Isolation Pads (SIP): SIP goes between the fuselage and the aircraft’s rigid TPS system, absorbing the strain caused by the different levels of thermal expansion between the TPS tiles and the aluminum structure.
  • Precursor Billets: Our carbon precursor billets are made from oxidized polyacrylonitrile and rayon. Our customers carbonized and infuse the billets with resin to make composite tiles. Thicknesses range from 1.5” to 4” with widths up to 90”.
  • Amorphous Silica Felt: Tex Tech’s amorphous silica felt products can be customized, with three grades rated for continuous use in temperatures of 900 °C, 1100 °C, and 1200 °C.

Contact Tex Tech for Your Conformable TPS Needs

Space vehicles depend on Thermal Protection Systems to protect the vehicle from the heat of reentry and the cold of space. Materials like SAIF, FRSI, SIP, and more help insulate, protect, and conduct electricity where needed to ensure the equipment returns to Earth safely.

Tex Tech is a proud industry-leading provider of high-performance textiles. For over 100 years, we have been delivering the highest quality products for some of the most demanding applications. Our R&D department and advanced manufacturing facilities enable us to meet the stringent requirements of the aerospace and other industries.

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