The efficient recharging capabilities and long-term reliability of lithium-ion batteries make them a dependable choice as a power source. They provide energy for everything from smartphones, laptops, and cameras to medical equipment, EVs, and solar storage devices, with their applications growing by the day. However, defective or damaged lithium batteries present a known fire risk, so it’s important to understand how to handle such a hazard when it occurs. 

As an industry leader in flame-retardant fabrics and related materials, Tex Tech Industries offers fire suppression material solutions for lithium battery applications.

Lithium Battery Fire Suppression Materials

The main goal of lithium battery fire suppression materials is to handle the results of thermal runaway. When these battery cells reach an uncontrollable state of self-heating, this thermal runaway can result in fires or combustion as well as gas and shrapnel ejection. Manufacturers can use fire suppression textiles to create fire suppression blankets, insulative battery linings and housings, and more to protect lithium battery-powered devices, their users, those transporting and storing them, and the surrounding environments.

Manufacturers in various sectors use Tex Tech’s non-flammable textiles as the basis for their lithium battery fire suppression products because our materials can help limit the severity of fires and the resulting damage. Our fire suppression fabrics are customizable to suit your exact specifications for dimensions, weight, and thermal conditions. They can handle a temperature of 2192° to 2372° F (1200° to 1300° C), steadying out to 1472° F (800° C), and, in some cases, can extinguish fires within minutes.

Non-woven Oxidized PAN

Our non-woven oxidized PAN materials, which consist of oxidized polyacrylonitrile and rayon, offer several important properties:

  • Maintain dimensional stability to approximately 2200° F (1204° C)
  • Widths of up to 90 inches
  • Material thicknesses of 1.5 to 4.0 inches

Non-woven Silica

Non-woven silica is another important material for fire suppression. Our amorphous silica felt is available in three grades based on maximum temperature limits for continuous use, as follows:

  • 1652° F (900° C)
  • 2012° F (1100° C)
  • 2192° F (1200° C)

Lithium Battery Fire Suppression for Automotive

Lithium battery fires within EVs can be particularly dangerous as they’re often difficult to suppress. Having a lithium battery fire blanket on hand can help drivers or even firefighters contain fires when they do break out. Battery manufacturers can also use fire suppression materials within a lithium battery’s housing to slow or stop a fire. It’s possible to build these materials into an EV’s interior, such as including an underlying layer of fire suppression material beneath a vehicle’s carpeting. Ultimately, the goal is to provide as much protection as possible, giving a car’s passengers added time to escape a vehicle fire should one occur.

Lithium Battery Fire Suppression for Shipping

Fire suppression is also important in manufacturing plants that work with lithium-ion batteries. Insulated battery racks help prevent individual battery fires from spreading should they combust during storage, and insulated packaging similarly keeps lithium batteries and people safe during their transit by truck or airplane. In addition to safer operations, manufacturers and shipping providers reduce the risk of product loss by adopting a lithium battery fire suppression strategy.

Learn More About Lithium Battery Fire Suppression Materials

Lithium batteries power more of today’s products and processes than ever before, with industries finding new uses for them in increasingly high-voltage applications. Committed to material innovation since 1904, Tex Tech researches, designs, and produces science-driven textile solutions for the modern world. We specialize in high-performance industrial flame retardant and fire suppression fabrics as one of our core competencies, providing clients in markets like shipping, automotive, aerospace, defense, and more with reliable textiles that can be utilized for high-temperature protection and emergency situations. 

Contact us to learn more about lithium battery fire suppression and our available material options, or request a quote today to get started.