When selecting the right power transmission belt for your application, it is critical to select a material that will be able to withstand the persistent stress, vibration, and abrasion common in power transmission applications. Tex Tech is pleased to offer a variety of durable fabric options, including HiFlex® fabric for use in extreme conditions. A high-strength, abrasion-resistant material, Tex Tech’s HiFlex® fabric extends the life of your transmission belt by providing enhanced thermal protection and abrasion resistance. 

Advantages of Power Transmission Belts

Power transmission belts are the preferred method of energy transmission in a wide range of applications. The advantages of using power transmission belts for motor-driven operations include: 

Power transmission belts in auto engine

Streamlined Efficiency

The simple design of power transmission belts makes them ideal for use in critical applications. They run quiet, with a high degree of efficiency, and are easy to clean and maintain. Power transmission belts are less likely to become jammed or overloaded, helping you save money on repairs and reducing downtime.

Broad Range of Applications

The simple design and extreme efficiency of power transmission belts make them ideal for use in numerous industries and applications, including: 

  • Automotive Equipment
  • Aerospace Applications
  • Public Transportation
  • Textiles and Manufacturing
  • HVAC Systems
  • Home Appliances
  • Postal Sorting and Distribution
  • Agricultural Industry
  • Food and Beverage Processing 
  • Lawn and Garden Applications

Durability and Versatility

Power transmission belts are designed to be durable so they can withstand high speed, abrasive conditions, wide temperature fluctuations, and a host of other harsh operating conditions. They can be made to facilitate a wide range of speed ratios and can provide variable speeds for optimal machine efficiency. In addition, they can be used to ensure efficient power transmission between shafts that are far apart. 

Tex Tech’s Belt Fabric Capabilities

At Tex Tech, we understand the need for reliable, long-lasting transmission belts for critical applications. As a company dedicated to finding innovative solutions, we believe that durable fabrics are the way to create enduring belts for even the most challenging applications. After decades of hands-on application, we have discovered that adding fabric to transmission belts results in a variety of advantages, including:

  • Extended Service Life. Fabric provides a protective layer on the back of the belt, reducing friction and wear and increasing the service life of the belt.
  • Reduced Abrasion. Fabric helps to mitigate the effects of abrasion from pulleys.
  • Quieter Operation. Fabric on transmission belts lessens the noise that the belt produces during operation.
  • Heat Resistance. Fabric can reduce the effects of heat generated by friction and environmental factors. This reduces the potential for heat damage.  
  • Specifically Designed Grip. Fabric can be tailored for increased or decreased levels of grip for clutching applications or improving operational efficiency. 
  • Variety of Colors. Fabric is available in a range of colors to enhance visibility for safety and product branding. 

With more than 100 years of experience creating textile fabrics, we have the knowledge and experience necessary to help you find the perfect solution for your application. Tex Tech’s state-of-the-art textiles have been incorporated into a wide range of belt designs, including wrapped, capped, covered, synchronous, and multi v-belts.

Benefits and Advantages of Tex Tech Belt Fabrics

Coated power transmission belt

Tex Tech is a leading provider of patented belt fabrics, including woven and knit constructions using various fiber types including cotton, nylon, polyester, and aramid, among many others. We can shape your fabric to meet a variety of design specifications, including treated and untreated, angle-induced, and angle induced with coatings to aid in adhesion to the rubber stock.

Our patented HiFlex Advantage® products are made belt-ready to help you reduce overhead and enhance operational efficiency. They arrive ready for use in wrapped belt applications to reduce processing steps, leading to labor savings. What’s more, HiFlex Advantage® reduces scrap by 20% on average. All of our coated HiFlex® fabrics arrive in uncured rolls, for more flexibility in belt shaping to meet your precise needs. 

Tex Tech HiFlex® Belts

Tex Tech’s line of HiFlex® fabrics are specially designed for belts in high-performance power transmission applications.  

HiFlex®- Angle Induced Fabric

Our state-of-the-art HiFlex® Angle-Induced Fabric is manufactured with filling yarn at an induced 110-118° angle. All warp yarn is aligned in the machine direction to eliminate stretch during calendaring. The fabric goes through a bias cut and turn process to align the 100-118⁰ angle in the length direction before the belt wrapping process. We can manufacture single- and double-sided belts with rubber coatings up to 55″ wide and adhesion-promoter up to 75″ wide. 

HiFlex® Advantage- Belt Ready Fabric

Our Hi-Flex® Advantage fabric is delivered ready for belt wrapping with the 110-118° angle already in the length direction. This eliminates the bias-cutting and turning process, reducing scrap by 20%. The belt ready design eliminates unnecessary overlap seams that come from the bias-cutting process, increasing belt life and greatly reducing downtime. You can choose from a variety of single- and double-sided rubber coatings, including EPDM, neoprene, HNBR, FKM, and natural rubber on fabric widths up to 88″ wide.

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