Belcotex Products by Tex Tech

October 16, 2018

Belcotex manufactures sustainable, environmentally friendly fibers that deliver reliability and versatility in numerous applications. These noncombustible fibers are designed for use with high operating temperatures up to 1050° C. Belcotex’s fibrous materials provide protection, insulation, sealing, filtering, and strengthening. Tex Tech Industries utilizes Belcotex fibers in our high-end, woven, and nonwoven textiles, selected for the […]

Benefits of 3D Woven Components in Aerospace Applications

September 25, 2018

Advanced composite fabrics are seeing more widespread use in industries that require strong, lightweight materials. The versatility of advanced composites makes them an ideal alternative to metals in a wide array of applications, ranging from ship building to pressure tanks to corrugated steel structures. As manufacturing methods for 3D fabrics improve, they continue to become […]

Passenger plane

The Singular PPE Solution for High-Temperature Applications

July 12, 2018

Companies whose workers are routinely exposed to direct flame, extreme heat, molten metal, hot liquids, or arc flash please take note: Not all flame-resistant (FR) materials are created equal. FR fabric performance exists on a spectrum—ranging from only minimal protection all the way up to high-performing fabrics constructed of truly non-flammable fiber blends. Ensuring workers’ […]

Carbon X repel

A Closer Look at the High-Performance Materials Used for Chlor-Alkali Processing

April 9, 2018

High-performance materials, specifically high-performance textiles, have a wide range of applications across various industries. Manufactured with the use of traditional fabric-making processes — such as spinning, weaving, and knitting — these engineered fabrics can be designed to meet specific strength and corrosion-resistance requirements and can be made to provide superior protection against natural elements. These […]

Tex Tech Acquired by Arlington Capital Partners

September 11, 2017

Tex Tech Industries, Inc. is pleased to announce our recent acquisition by the Washington D.C.-based private equity firm Arlington Capital Partners. Arlington Capital Partners has managed more than $2 billion of committed capital through four investment funds since 1999, including their most recent fund, valued at more than $700 million. Focusing on middle-market investments in […]

Composites and Fabrics: Basics

August 17, 2017

What is a composite? Technically a composite is a structure with 2 or more components. A candy bar with nuts, nougat, and chocolate is a composite. Even traditional structural materials are often composites. Wood contains both lignin and cellulose and concrete contains sand and carbonate. Most of the time when we think of composites, we […]