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CarbonX Breathable Aluminized: A Comfortable Solution for Superior Protection

Working in Extreme Environments

Aluminum and copper furnaces run between 1500-1700 °F, and steel furnaces run at temperatures above 3000 °F! In these extreme conditions, the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) used must shield workers from the potential metal splash of these insanely hot materials, and they must also protect against the staggering amount of radiant heat that is generated by the metal and furnaces. Ideally, you would also like to keep those same workers comfortable, allowing them to safely complete their strenuous tasks while working in such extreme conditions.

How to Protect Against Molten Metal

The most widely used fabrics for protection against molten metal utilize a thin aluminum laminate on their surfaces. The aluminum exterior reflects much of the radiant heat generated by the metal and/or furnace, allowing personnel to work in close proximity to these industrial heat sources. Aluminized fabrics are the standard components for this type of exposure.

Our CarbonX FL-100A has been used for this very purpose for some time. CarbonX FL-100A is an aluminized fleeced knit that is lightweight and flexible, and therefore it is a relatively comfortable option for protection against metal splash. However, as with almost all other aluminized fabrics, the aluminum film used in laminating the outside of these fabrics is a solid layer, and therefore non-breathable.

What Is CarbonX Breathable Aluminized?

To create a more comfortable Aluminized Fabric, CarbonX Breathable Aluminized combines the level of protection one would expect in a CarbonX fabric while elevating the comfort aspects of the garment using two key factors: Moisture Wicking and Breathability.

To create a moisture wicking substrate, we’ve combined a multi-layer non-woven felt as the base fabric used in this fabric. One layer includes a layer of hydrophobic fibers, the other layer includes a layer of hydrophilic fibers. The hydrophobic fibers do not like moisture, while the hydrophilic fibers love moisture. The hydrophilic fibers are placed in the layer away from the skin, and because of their orientation in relation to the hydrophobic fibers and the wearer, they pull the sweat and moisture away from the body and to the outside of the garment. (side note…we’ve even added a strengthening scrim layer between those two layers of fibers to keep the fabric strong and durable!)

To give the garment breathability, we have used Tex Tech’s vast experience in needling technology to perforate the aluminum to create a breathability aspect to the aluminized surface. In simple terms, we’ve poked thousands of tiny holes in the surface of the fabric! When the moisture is wicked away from the body via the hydrophilic fibers it can then escape the holes on the surface of the aluminum. The airflow and the water evaporating after seeping through the holes as a dramatic cooling effect. The outdoor apparel industry has utilized this cooling process in soft-shell technology for jackets and coats for some time now, and now we are using the same method to keep our steel workers cool!

With All Those Holes, Does it Still Protect?

Of course it does!While the holes are small enough to allow air permeation, those holes are not large enough to significantly affect the level of radiant heat protection that the outer layer of aluminum provides.Likewise, when exposed to molten splash, the holes are small enough and the metal splash hot enough that the holes seal when hit with molten metal.The perforated fabrics still meet the ASTM F 955 standard, which is the “Standard Test Method for Evaluating Heat Transfer for Protective Clothing Upon Contact with Molten Substances.”

The CarbonX Breathable Aluminized fabric provides an unmatched level of comfort in an aluminized garment using breathability and moisture wicking to add to CarbonX level protection!

CarbonX® Launches Defender Masks to Address Industrial PPE Shortage

For workers who require protection from COVID-19 while working in dangerous areas with threats of fire or arc flash, the CarbonX® Defender Masks provide a safe solution for both.

At Tex Tech Industries, we’ve added CarbonX® Defender Masks to our line of flame-resistant (FR) PPE to provide the protection industrial workers need. These masks are reusable, comfortable, washable, and offer superior protection against most common industrial hazards.

The CarbonX® Defender Mask

At CarbonX®, we strive to do our part to provide protection in applications where safety is of the utmost importance. Our FR Defender Masks are created from breathable, non-flammable CarbonX® fabric front covering backed with a non-woven filter made from polyester. All masks are customizable with your company logo. We offer two different mask varieties:

CarbonX® Defender Mask 1

The CarbonX® Defender Mask 1 offers the following features:

  • High breathability at 50 cfm
  • Captures 65% of particulates larger than 0.3 microns (±10%)
  • Three-layer construction: Two layers of non-flammable CarbonX® TK-60 knit (front and back covering) and a single layer of 6 oz polyester non-woven filter media (middle layer)
  • Machine washable, hand washing recommended with 3% hydrogen peroxide solution
  • Air drying recommended

CarbonX® Defender Mask 2

The CarbonX® Defender Mask 2 provides the following:

  • Breathability at 37 cfm
  • Captures 75% of particulates larger than 0.3 microns (±10%)
  • Three-layer construction: Single layer of non-flammable CarbonX® 6 oz non-woven (front covering), single layer of 6 oz polyester non-woven filter media (middle layer), single layer of 3.5 oz 100% hypoallergenic cotton (back covering)
  • NAFTA/USMCA compliant
  • Hand washable with 3% hydrogen peroxide solution
  • Air drying recommended

For comparison purposes, the N95 mask offers 95% particulate filtration and breathability of 32 cfm. Of note, the Defender masks are designed for industrial and commercial use and are non-medical grade. The above statistics are the result of in-house testing by Tex Tech and have not yet been verified by an independent third-party.

Wear and Care Instructions for CarbonX®
FR Defender Masks

While wearing a face mask may feel uncomfortable, your own health and the safety of others paramount. In an effort to ensure the proper and safe use of our protective masks, we’ve provided the following wear and care guidelines below.

Wear Instructions:

  1. Make sure the mask covers your nose almost to the bridge. There is a moldable nosebar. Press it into shape over the bridge of your nose. This will be very helpful for glasses wearers, as it helps to prevent fogging of your lenses.
  2. Place the top elastic near the crown of your head and then tighten the toggle of the bottom elastic behind your neck. This should create a good amount of snugness. If you have long hair, a ponytail will also help with fit.
  3. Keep your mask on! This is important as it prevents contamination of your mask. Excessive handling of your mask increases risk of germ spread.

Washing Instructions:

  1. Thoroughly spray both sides of the mask with a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution and hang to dry, OR
  2. Soak your mask in warm water and antibacterial soap or dish soap. Rinse well. Place between layers of a clean towel to remove excess water (DO NOT twist or wring), and hang to air dry.
  3. Store mask in an airtight resealable bag between uses. For best performance, limit hand washing of a mask to no more than 10 times, then discard and replace.

Your mask has been carefully packed and does not need to be washed prior to wearing. The CarbonX® Defender Mask 1 is machine washable, but hand washing is recommended. DO NOT machine dry. DO NOT machine wash or dry the CarbonX® Defender Mask 2.

Flame-Resistant Personal Protective Equipment From CarbonX® by Tex Tech

At CarbonX®, we specialize in the fabrication of high-performance, flame-resistant PPE for use in even the harshest environments. CarbonX® products are designed not only for maximum protection, but maximum comfort. Our lightweight, flexible fabrics dry quickly and are soft to the touch, which is highly important for masks intended to be worn for long periods. We hope that our line of FR Defender Masks will help to keep industrial workers safe during this trying time.

For more information about CarbonX® Defender Masks, please contact Adam Mitchell at For more information about CarbonX® or our products and services, please contact us.

Thomas Supplier

The Singular PPE Solution for High-Temperature Applications

Companies whose workers are routinely exposed to direct flame, extreme heat, molten metal, hot liquids, or arc flash please take note: Not all flame-resistant (FR) materials are created equal. FR fabric performance exists on a spectrum—ranging from only minimal protection all the way up to high-performing fabrics constructed of truly non-flammable fiber blends. Ensuring workers’ garments and equipment won’t burn, melt, or ignite requires choosing the right FR material.

Superior FR Fabrics to Improve Worker Safety

FR materials protect workers in several different ways: not supporting combustion in the absence of an external flame source, igniting with difficulty, burning slowly when set on fire, and/or self-extinguishing when the heat source is removed. Flame resistance may also be achieved by treating fabrics with chemicals that impart this protection, but there is risk of the treatment wearing out or washing away.

When flame resistance is inherent in the polymer, those risks are eliminated. The best protection comes with truly non-flammable, fire-proof, and non-combustible products, such as the CarbonX® product line.

The CarbonX Standard

CarbonX products are constructed to be truly non-flammable. They will not melt, burn, ignite, drip, char, or shrink when exposed to direct flame or extreme heat. They provide protection against molten metal, certain chemicals, and flammable liquids; arc flash; radiant heat; and even against hazardous weather conditions.

This multi-faceted level of protection helps streamline organizational personal protective equipment (PPE) purchases. The superior protective performance of the CarbonX product line comes from a patented fiber blend of OPAN and a variety of strengthening fibers. The resulting knit, woven, and non-woven fabric constructions are used in base-layer garments and outerwear, liners, engine and welding blankets, full-body suits, etc. No matter the application, CarbonX fabrics are designed to exceed industry standards.

Exceed Common Safety Requirements

There are several important safety standards in use when determining which PPE is appropriate for a specific application:

  • NFPA

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) established several Hazard Risk Categories (HRCs) – ranging from HRC 0 to HRC 4 – with each category requiring the use of different types of FR materials.

  • TPP

A material’s thermal protective performance (TPP) rating determines the level of the garment’s thermal insulating performance against both convective and radiant heat exposure. The higher the TPP rating, the higher the level of protection.

  • EN 11611
  • EN 11612
  • EN 1149-3
  • ISO 6530
  • EN 469
  • ISO 15384
  • EN 13911
  • ASTM F1506 / EN 61482-1
  • ASTM 6413
  • ASTM 1959
  • NFPA 2112
  • NFPA 70E

CarbonX uses HRC, TPP, and other ratings and standards merely as a baseline for protection, then creates customized solutions that optimize safety for each unique situation.

Demonstrably Superior Performance

The CarbonX patented fiber blend scores far above other materials commonly used in FR fabrics in terms of limiting oxygen index (LOI). The special design requires a very high oxygen level – nearly three times as high as the level present in air – in order to burn.

After intense exposure to 250°C heat, the CarbonX fiber blend possesses 100% of its original strength and an astonishing 40% after 10 minutes of exposure to a temperature of 500°C. This capacity for sustained exposure ensures that workers have extra precious minutes to escape harmful accidents or hazardous situations while drastically lowering the chances of permanent injury.

No Sacrifice in Comfort

While CarbonX products are strong enough to be worn daily and tough enough to withstand even the most extreme environments., they are still very comfortable. They are soft-to-the-touch, lightweight, flexible, odor-resistant, quick-drying, breathable, and designed to wick away moisture so workers stay cool on the job.

Find a CarbonX Fabric for Your Application

The CarbonX skilled team of designers collaborates closely with leading safety-supply manufacturers and distributors to create highly customized solutions, allowing for innovative product development that keeps workers safe and increased business opportunities for manufacturer and distributor partners.

You can learn more about how CarbonX non-flammable products can benefit your company by downloading our eBook or contacting us.