CoreFX is a cutting-edge, flame-retardant fabric solution for multilayer garments. It ensures advanced fire protection using a comfortable and lightweight material, helping firefighters stay safe and more agile on the job. Our advanced materials technology combines a 44% Kermel fiber with 55% para-aramid core and 1% antistatic material to drastically reduce the danger of fire and explosion hazards for those who need it most.

Properties and Performance of CoreFX Fire & Heat-Resistant Fabric


The Kermel fiber with para-aramid core withstands temperatures of up to 1000° C/1800° F, and in double flashover testing, the Kermel CoreFX equipment endured eight seconds without breaking open, leaving no third-degree burns.

This advanced, protective fire-retardant clothing meets or exceeds numerous technical industry design standards for protective firefighting equipment, including:

  • EN-ISO 11612 – Flexible flame and heat protection
  • EN 1149-5 – Electrostatic discharge prevention
  • EN 469 – Firefighting PPE standards
  • ISO 13934-1 – Tensile strength > 2400 N warp/weft
  • ISO 13937-2 – Tear strength > 270 warp/weft
  • ISO 12947-2 – Abrasion resistance, lasting more than 50,000 cycles

The Kermel CoreFX fabric is also incredibly comfortable, weighing less than 200 grams per square meter, allowing firefighters to move quickly with reduced fatigue.

Why You Should Consider CoreFX as Your Trusted Firefighters’ Fabric

An Economical Solution to Fire Fighting Service Needs

CoreFX solves numerous pain points left unaddressed by other brands, and all in a highly affordable, user-friendly solution. While most other brands have high-cost products that are uncomfortable for the wearer, CoreFX garments provide much more comfort with a lightweight design. As a result, firefighters can perform at peak levels while confident they are as protected as they are comfortable.

The CoreFX technology also provides excellent strength and mechanical resistance, as well as resistance to liquid chemicals (per EN-ISO 6530). It also withstands up to a minimum of 25 washes at 40°C.

Benefits of CoreFX

With its competitive price, CoreFX is the premium durable fabric the first responder community has been waiting for. We’ve further improved on the previous para-aramid fabrics to create enhanced UV-blocking properties to reduce degradation and provide a longer material lifespan. Garments worn in regions with longer exposure to UV will see the tear and tensile strength retained for longer with the unique fabric design of CoreFX.

There are also two different durable water-repellent (DWR) finishes available, including:

  • Panoguard – C6 multi-wash with high-repellency finish
  • Eco Guard – PFOA/PFOS-free, multi-wash with high-repellency finish

These benefits extend to other high-risk uses as well, such as flight coveralls for pilots and protective suits for soldiers. The result is a new line of protective fabrics that withstand more extreme conditions than any previous alternative.

Choose Tex Tech For Enhanced Protection

Tex Tech is a world leader in the development and production of ultra-high-performance textiles, designed to endure the most intense conditions. We are continually pushing the boundaries on protective fabric technology, and our advanced research and development processes have advanced the field of first-responder equipment numerous times. We’re proud to do so again with our CoreFX Kermel and para-aramid core fabrics.

For more information, don’t hesitate to contact Tex Tech Industries or request a quote and one of our highly knowledgeable service technicians will promptly be in touch.