Tex Tech Industries has established itself as one of today’s leading manufacturers of woven industrial fabrics.

Tex Tech thrives on the unique opportunities and challenges presented by producing high-performance fabrics for the most demanding applications. Our existing product portfolio and our technical expertise make the most severe operating environment and conditions seem routine, developing and producing fabrics that perform effectively.

Woven Fabric Capabilities

Recent equipment capability enhancements allow us to offer one of the broadest arrays of fabrics available in the market today. With over 250 established woven product offerings and technical capability to design to order, Tex Tech can provide a fabric solution to meet most requirements. With product composition ranging from basic polyester and polypropylene to such high-performance fibers as Nomex, Teflon, Rastex, and Kevlar, it is likely that we already offer a product to meet most customers needs. Add this to a broad range of mechanical finishes and treatments, and you have one of the most complete lines of general purpose and specialty fabrics provided by a single manufacturer.


We are continually evaluating new fibers, technologies, and manufacturing techniques in an effort to provide the most current fabrics and continue to advance the state-of-the-art. With the addition of both projectile and rapier weaving machines, we can offer all standard weave patterns that range from four to twelve harness operation. Our 110” weaving machines can weave to a width of 110” of finished fabric. Our fabric weights range from 1.4 oz/yd to 40.0 oz/sq yd.

Patented Products

Tex Tech Industries' products are patent-protected in the United States and other countries.

Product Liability Statement

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