Advanced Aerospace Technology

Our advanced high-performance products are currently being used in many applications for the aerospace industry, including all military aircraft, commercial aircraft, business jets, and space exploration. Our products that meet FAR 25.853 or FAR 25.856 include:

Burnthrough Insulation
Over-the-frame Blankets
Thermal Acoustic Insulation
Carpet Underlayments

High-temperature Ducting Insulation
Fire-blocking Layers (FBLs) for Seating
Cabin-divider Linings
Moisture-absorbing felts

Our extensive knowledge and experience of high-performance materials and fiber blending gives us the ability to customize and design products that meet the most demanding and difficult requirements while dealing with aerospace regulations.

Some of our aerospace technologies are also used in other applications such as pipe insulation, equipment enclosures, thermal curtains for welding, high-temperature gaskets, and many other industrial applications.

Seat Fire Blocking Expertise

With 30 years of industry experience, we do more than pass the strictest FAA, DOT fire and burnthrough test requirements, we engineer our fire-blocking textiles for durability, product integrity, and manufacturability. This gives our customers cost-effective solutions that resist puncture or abrasion and reduce human health effects by reliably controlling the spread of fire and fire-borne toxins. Tex Tech Industries’ manufactures a wide range of Aerospace, Rail and Mass Transit Fire Blockers can be as light as 3.1 oz./sq. yd. to 10.9 oz./sq. yd.  Depending on the industry, we currently have FBLs that meet the following regulations and standards:

  • FAR25.853
  • ASTM D 2261
  • ASTM D 3884
  • ASTM E 162
  • FTMS191A
  • CAL 133

In addition to being the world’s largest supplier of Fire-Blocking Layers (FBLs) for aircraft seating, we also supply FBLs for Amtrak seating and other railway lines, as well as school and commercial buses. And we offer a range of fiber, weight, and thickness alternatives for use in industrial fire blankets, personal fire protection, and mattress fire blocking.

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Design with Tex Tech Industries

Tex Tech Industries has the capability to design FBLs per the customer specified requirements.  Our team of product development engineers can work with you on your projects start to finish by producing a fiber locker, performing manufacturing trials, and finally moving on to full scale manufacturing. If you would like to learn more about our full-service capabilities, contact us today.

Patented Products

Tex Tech Industries' products are patent-protected in the United States and other countries.

Product Liability Statement

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