REFRASIL® silica textiles are continuous filament, amorphous silica textiles that offer excellent thermal protection. These materials are produced using a proprietary chemical leaching process to convert specialty glass fibers into silica. Our market leading materials have a minimum silica (SiO2)content of ≥96% which enables the materials to resist oxidation and most corrosive solutions.

REFRASIL® materials are health friendly products with no known health hazards. Fiber diameters range from 8 to 10 microns.

REFRASIL® materials provide continuous thermal protection from 1800 °F to 2300 °F (982 °C to 1260 °C). There are a variety of REFRASIL® fabrics, tapes, yarns and fibers available in different weights, thicknesses, and special coatings. Read on to learn about the various types of REFRASIL® products, their features, and applications in various industries.

REFRASIL®: Key Specs and Benefits

REFRASIL® textiles have a melting point of about 2900 °F (1593 °C) and can be continuously used at a temperature exceeding 1800 °F (982 °C). The products have been meticulously designed to provide exceptional thermal resistance while maintaining flexibility.

REFRASIL® cloths are available in standard offerings such as the UC and our pre-shrunk forms (C Series). The fabrics can be treated for abrasion resistance (as with the AR series) or manufactured for higher continuous operating temperatures of 2300 °F (1260 °C), as with the Irish series.

Additionally, the UC series are available with special coatings including silicone rubber, neoprene rubber, aluminum foil, and pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSA).

Below are the features and benefits of REFRASIL®:

  • Amorphous structure
  • Suitable asbestos replacement
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Exceptional resilience
  • Fire resistance
  • High dielectric strength
  • Resists damage from sparks, radiant heat, and molten metal
  • Resists most harsh chemicals
  • Low halogen content
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Minimal off-gassing
  • Poses no known health hazards

REFRASIL® C100 Series

REFRASIL® C100 series is a pre-shrunk cloth that protects against high temperatures of up to 1800 °F (982 °C). It is distinguished by its pure white color and is ideal for applications requiring very low residual heat shrinkage (≤ 5%). The fabric is suitable for many heat treatment applications and is useful in various composite applications.

Material data of REFRASIL® C100 Series

Typical propertiesUnitsC100-48C100-96
Product Descriptionlightheavy
Nominal widthmm/in838/33838/33
Nominal thicknessmm/in0.66/0.0261.42/0.056
Nominal weightg/m2/oz/yd2610/181187/35

REFRASIL® AR100 Series

REFRASIL® abrasion-resistant cloth (AR100 series) has a unique orange color. In addition, it has a specially formulated coating that makes it more abrasion resistant than standard UC100 series fabrics. The abrasion-resistant coating typically starts to degrade at around 350 °F (177 °C ), but the fabric’s tensile and thermal properties remain intact up to about 1800 °F (982 °C). The AR100 series products are great for highly rigorous applications that involve tearing, dragging, snagging, and scraping. They are commonly made into fabricated welding cloths, screens, pads, and PPE shields.

Material data of REFRASIL® AR100 Series

Typical propertiesUnitsAR100-48AR100-96
Product Descriptionlightheavy
Nominal widthmm/in914/36914/36
Nominal thicknessmm/in0.81/0.0321.32/0.052
Nominal weightg/m2/oz/yd2678/201221/36

REFRASIL® Irish Series

REFRASIL® Irish insulation cloth was designed to extend the temperature range and flexibility of the materials. This series is identifiable by its green color which comes from a proprietary high-temperature treatment. The Irish line withstands continuous high temperatures to approximately 2300 °F (1260 °C ) with little to no difference in properties or performance. The C1554 series is the Irish base coating and the 2221 product series comprises the C1554 base material with an additional finish coating for ease of handling and physical integrity during fabrication.

Material data of REFRASIL® Irish Series

Typical propertiesUnitsC1554-48C1554-962221-482221-96
Product DescriptionIrish clothIrish clothtreated Irish clothtreated Irish cloth
Nominal widthmm/in838/33838/33838/33838/33
Nominal thicknessmm/in0.66/0.0231.42/0.0560.71/0.0281.47/0.058
Nominal weightg/m2/oz/yd2610/181187/35678/201356/40

REFRASIL® Specialty Coated Fabrics

REFRASIL® standard fabrics (UC100 series) have various special coatings, including pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA), aluminum, silicone rubber, neoprene, and black ceramic oxide. The coatings offer unique properties that enhance the various qualities of the REFRASIL® standard fabrics. They can be single- or double-sided on any fabric weight.

Material data of REFRASIL® Specialty Coated Fabrics

Typical propertiesUnitsADH-48UC100-48-RS1UC100-96-BCS2UC100-96-GRNS2UC100-48-AC1UC100-48-BN1UC100-96-BC
Product Descriptionadhesivesiliconesiliconesiliconealuminumneopreneblk oxide
Nominal widthmm/in914/36914/36914/36914/36864-889/34-35914/36914/36
Nominal thicknessmm/in0.89/0.0350.89/0.0351.47/0.0581.47/0.0580.84/0.0330.89/0.0351.75/0.069
Nominal weightg/m2/oz/yd2780/23882/261627/481627/48712/21882/261356/40

REFRASIL® Cordages and Yarns

REFRASIL® yarns are very porous and do not vaporize or melt until temperatures exceed 2900 °F (1593°C). As a result, REFRASIL® cordage and yarn can continuously operate at high temperatures of up to 1800 °F (982 °C) without affecting their material properties. These products have a high resistance to thermal shock and minimal shrinkage. REFRASIL® cordages and yarns are often braided onto electrical cable harnesses, thermocouple wires, and more.

Material data of REFRASIL® Cordages and Yarns

Typical propertiesUnitsYarn
Nominal diametermm/in0.51/0.0201.02/0.0401.35/0.053
Nominal avg. breaking strengthkg/lb0.91/24.99/115.90/13
Lineal nominal yeildmg/kg/yd/lb6613/32801412/700666/330
Shrinkage at 9820C(18000F)%
Ply count5816
FYT series is 4 strands per ply, 204 filaments per strand

REFRASIL® Rope Gaskets and Sleevings

The REFRASIL® rope gasket is a braided, high-density, high-silica content textile that is dimensionally controlled and ideal for service temperatures of up to 1800 °F (982 °C). REFRASIL® rope gaskets are made from pre-shrunk texturized yarns with a hydrocarbon finish to enhance their abrasion resistance and handling. REFRASIL® rope gaskets are used in compact areas where intense high-heat compressive seals are required.

Material data of REFRASIL® Rope Gaskets

Typical propertiesUnitsRG-1/4RG-3/8RG-1/2RG-3/4RG-1
Nominal diametermm/in5.8/0.238.4/0.3311.9/0.4718.5/0.7324.4/0.96
Breaking strength ambient tempreturekg/lb18/4027/6064/140113/250213/470
Shrinkage at 8710C(16000F)%0.600.600.600.700.80

REFRASIL® braided sleevings are fireproof, oxidation-resistant, and corrosion-resistant. They do not degrade when in contact with water. These low-maintenance, efficient thermal insulation products are available in standard wall or heavy wall.

Material data of REFRASIL® Sleevings

Standard nominal wall thickness-8.81mm(0.032in)Heavy nominal wall thickness-1.65mm(0.065in)
Typical propertiesUnitsUB-3/4UB-1UB-1-1/2UB-2UB-2-1/2UB-2-1/2HWS-1/2HWS-1HWS-1-1/2

REFRASIL® Slit and Woven Tapes

REFRASIL® tapes are a cost-effective way to protect equipment from high temperatures. Standard REFRASIL® tapes contain high concentrations of silica (>96% SiOB2B), intended for continuous service in high-temperature applications up to 1800 °F (982 °C). The woven tapes can be pre-shrunk by being hot fired to prevent further shrinkage while in use.

Common applications for REFRASIL® slit and woven tapes include:

  • Cooling hose wrap insulation
  • Electrical lead wire insulation
  • Instrumentation wire insulation
  • Mop curtains for continuous belt furnaces
  • Power cable insulation
  • Welding blanket edge and seam binding

Material data of REFRASIL® wide woven tapes

Typical propertiesUnitsUT100-411]UT100-421]UT100-441]UT100-461]UT100-812]UT100-822]UT100-842]UT100-862]
Nominal widthmm/in25.4/150.8/2101.6/4152.4/625.4/150.8/2101.6/4152.4/6
Nominal thicknessmm/in1.52/0.0601.52/0.0601.52/0.0601.52/0.0603.18/0.1253.18/0.1253.18/0.1253.18/0.125

1] standard tape:nominal tape roll size 30m± 10%[100LF± 10%]
2] standard tape:nominal tape roll size 15m± 10%[50LF± 10%]

Material data of REFRASIL® standard slit tapes1]

Typical propertiesUnitsUT48-2UT48-4UT96-2UT96-4
Nominal Widthmm/in50.8/2101.6/450.8/2101.6/4
Nominal thicknessmm/in089/0.035089/0.0351.40/0.0551.40/0.055

1] w/adhesive

Material data of REFRASIL® abrasive resistant tapes2]

Typical propertiesUnitsAR48-2AR48-4AR96-2AR96-4
Nominal widthmm/in50.8/2101.6/450.8/2101.6/4
Nominal thicknessmm/in0.81/0.0320.81/0.0321.32/0.0521.32/0.052

1] sealed edges

Material data of REFRASIL® Irish slit tapes

Typical propertiesUnits2221-48-22221-48-42221-96-22221-96-4
Nominal Widthmm/in50.8/2101.6/450.8/2101.6/4
Nominal thicknessmm/in0.71/0.0280.71/0.0281.47/0.0581.47/0.058

Available in rolls 3m=±10%[100LF±10%].No roll contains more than 2 pieces with single pieces not less than 3m (10 LF)

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REFRASIL® silica textiles offer high thermal resistance and the performance characteristics of refractory materials. They come in various designs, coatings, and configurations, each designed for specific purposes.

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