Tex Tech Industries, Inc. - Team



Ciaran F. Lynch

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Phone 207.756.8606

John Stankiewicz

Chief Operating/Financial Officer

Phone 207.933.9265

Sean Goggin

Corporate Controller

Phone 207.933.4404

Steve Judge

Executive Vice President

Phone 480.686.8601


Eoin Lynch

Executive Director Sales & Marketing

Phone 207.756.8606
Email elynch@textechindustries.com

Chris Spencer

Safety & Composites

Phone 207.756.8606
Email cspencer@textechindustries.com

Chris Fritch

Sales Manager Seat Fireblocking

Phone 207.756.8606
Email cfritch@textechindustries.com

Ben Havey

Sales Manager Aerospace

Phone 207.756.8606
Email bhavey@textechindustries.com

Jack Woolston

Filtration Technical Sales Manager

Phone 207.756.8606
Email jwoolston@textechindustries.com

Simone Ryle

Customer Service Manager

Phone 207.756.8606
Email sryle@textechindustries.com

David Huang

Asian Sales

Phone +86.139.1677.2346
Email textech.david@foxmail.com

Seamus Mulrooney

European Sales

Phone +353.56.776.1426
Email textech2@eircom.net

Karolina Chrusciel

European Sales

Phone +353 56 7761426
Email textechk@eircom.net

Vincent Gallacher

Global Technology Director

Phone 207.933.9246
Email vgallacher@textechindustries.com

Scott Janco

Ballistic Product Development

Phone 207.933.9220
Email sjanco@textechindustries.com


Moe Maheux

Executive Director of Operations

Phone 207.933.9218
Email mmaheux@textechindustries.com

Lee Hubley

Director of Weaving

Phone 207.933.9215
Email lhubley@textechindustries.com

Edward Bower

Director of Quality & Technical

Phone 207.933.9217
Email ebower@textechindustries.com

Stephen Rogers

Managing Director Thailand

Phone 66.34295489
Email ttirogers@gmail.com

Useful Numbers


Phone: 1.207.933.4404

Customer Service:

Phone: 1.207.933.9243
Phone: 1.207.933.9256

Sales Representative:


Did You Know?

  • Tex Tech is the largest producer of Tennis felt in the world
  • Tex Tech has produced in excess of 3 million yards of aircraft seat fire-blocking material