Ciaran F. Lynch

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Phone 207.756.8606

John Stankiewicz

Chief Operating/Financial Officer

Phone 207.933.9265

Sean Goggin

Corporate Controller

Phone 207.933.4404

Steve Judge

Executive Vice President

Phone 480.686.8601


Eoin Lynch

Executive Director Sales & Marketing

Phone 207.756.8606 Email

Chris Spencer

Safety & Composites

Phone 207.756.8606 Email

Chris Fritch

Sales Manager Seat Fireblocking

Phone 207.756.8606 Email

Ben Havey

Sales Manager Aerospace

Phone 207.756.8606 Email

Jack Woolston

Filtration Technical Sales Manager

Phone 207.756.8606 Email

Simone Ryle

Customer Service Manager

Phone 207.756.8606 Email

David Huang

Asian Sales

Phone +86.139.1677.2346 Email

Seamus Mulrooney

European Sales

Phone +353.56.776.1426 Email

Karolina Chrusciel

European Sales

Phone +353 56 7761426 Email

Vincent Gallacher

Global Technology Director

Phone 207.933.9246 Email

Tim Cashell

Director Protective Markets

Phone 207.756.8606 Email

Robert Gravel

Corporate Technical Director

Phone 207.933.9253 Email

Scott Janco

Ballistic Product Development

Phone 207.933.9220 Email


Moe Maheux

Executive Director of Operations

Phone 207.933.9218 Email

Lee Hubley

Director of Weaving

Phone 207.933.9215 Email

Edward Bower

Director of Quality & Technical

Phone 207.933.9217 Email

Stephen Rogers

Managing Director Thailand

Phone 66.34295489 Email

Useful Numbers


Phone: 1.207.933.4404

Customer Service:

Phone: 1.207.933.9243
Phone: 1.207.933.9273

Sales Representative:


Did You Know?

  • Tex Tech is the largest producer of Tennis felt in the world
  • Tex Tech has produced in excess of 3 million yards of aircraft seat fire-blocking material