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CarbonX® non-flammable fabrics and apparel are a natural fit in the Tex Tech product portfolio as they are designed to do one thing—protect lives in the world’s most hazardous environments.

Made of a patented blend of high-performance fibers, CarbonX products will not burn, melt, or ignite, and they maintain their strength and integrity even after intense exposure—significantly outperforming competing products and far surpassing industry standards. They are lightweight, flexible, and breathable, which provides superior comfort and reduces the potential for fatigue and heat stress.

Available in knits, wovens, and non-wovens, CarbonX is widely used in protective applications for industrial safety, construction, welding, molten metal, utilities, pulp and paper, oil and gas, firefighting, motorsports, and tactical/police. CarbonX delivers ultimate protection when safety matters most.

  • CarbonX Ultimate™—The highest level of thermal protection against direct flame, extreme heat, and arc flash hazards.
  • CarbonX Active™—Designed to balance comfort and safety.
  • CarbonX Repel™—Sheds molten metal, petrochemicals, flammable liquids, and hot chemicals like no other fabric.
  • CarbonX With Z-Flex® Aluminization—Flexible and lightweight yet still provides superior protection against molten metal and high heat.

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