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We’re introducing Tex Tech’s revolutionary new Core Matrix Technology™ which is a product of our needle felting expertise. By infusing Z-directional staple-length fibers directly into the fabric stack, a unique new kind of “monolithic” fabric structure is created. This structure can significantly reduce backface trauma while increasing ballistic and fragmentation performance. This unique engineering also eliminates or reduces the need for layer counting, quilting, and lamination. And it’s compatible with all major ballistic materials.

Our Core-Matrix Technology™ materials offer highly predictable performance in all types of military, law enforcement, and civilian applications. These include soft and hard armor, hard composites for ballistic structural reinforcement, safety products for hazardous environments, and stab/slash vests. Ballistic protection products made with Tex Tech Core Matrix Technology™ are effective against deformable as well as non-deformable threats, which are actually more common and lethal than bullets.


I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your contribution to body armor. As an armor “save,” I know firsthand how incredibly important body armor is to law enforcement. The only reason I tuck my 2 kids in and kiss my wife goodnight is the Summit body armor I had on the night of my shooting.

As an Armor Technical Specialist, I get to see what goes into the research and development side of bringing body armor to the marketplace. I have always known that the decision to wear body armor is often an individual one based on the departmentally evaluated wearability, comfort, and performance of the armor versus the perceived threat. Your Core Matrix Technology™ allows officers to both feel the comfort and see the performance during the live fire demonstrations I do across the country. Officers who have witnessed numerous shoots for the past 15 years are amazed at the performance of the Core material; seeing the energy dispersed horizontally and vertically and then watching the 360 degree radial flow of the energy makes an instant and lasting impression on even the most skeptical range masters.

With 60 officers killed in the line of duty this year already, 29 of them by gunfire, it is obvious that body armor is becoming an even greater priority to law enforcement than ever. Added to the NIJ’s requirement of a “Mandatory Wear Policy” for departments to be eligible for BVP Grant monies, wearable high-performance armor is becoming the focus for officers and administrations.

Again, I believe your Core Matrix Technology™ allows us to provide several of the best armor options to law enforcement professionals in today’s marketplace. Thank you for your dedication to the men and women who count on body armor to be the difference between a “save” and another name on the Law Enforcement Memorial Wall in Judiciary Square in Washington, DC.

Best regards,
Ed Hinchey
Technical Specialist, Body Armor

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